La Bio.


Paris – France – Europe – USA



I’m Stephanie, mother of a 11y.o. boy and portrait, boudoir and wedding photographer.
Say that photography is a passion would not be very original.  It is above all the way to express my creativity in a modern style without neglecting the main subjet: YOU!
I love photographing couples, families, women, people like you or me. Posing and direction, I do a little but I’d rather see you move freely during the session to get spontaneous images. There will be laughter, emotion, affection, tenderness, complicity, tears sometimes.  What I propose you is to have a break and enjoy this sharing moment together. Let experience this.
Based in Paris, I’m ready to take the 1st plane to follow you to more distant destinations.

The adventure begins now, tell me your story...divider

What inspires me!

Decoration magazines
Movies and TV

What I like!

The Italian cuisine
The fonts and graphics
The Scandinavian design
U.S. series (really addict)
The USA and travel
The quiet…

What I don’t like!

The abuse and torture on children and animals
Excessive deforestation
Insects and sharks

Rather… that… ?

Northern Europe rather than sandy beach and coconut trees
Salt food rather  than sugary stuff
Landscape rather than campaign
All Star Converse rather than Louboutin…





Flo Cube is an imaginary photographer, traveling the world aiming to inspire others. Telling unforgettable tales in lands far far away, beyond mountains, across seas, flying the mechanical bird from a to b. Photography has always been a passion of Flo Cube, and videography also has a soft spot in its heart.

Influenced by clean lines, subtle movements and bold typography, you’ll find Flo Cube has something to fit everyones needs. Offering you the opportunity to enhance your portfolio, and book the clients you’ve always desired.

Wherever there is light, one can photograph.