Wedding guide & tips

What remains after your wedding ? The dress and the groom suit…. Are you going to wear them another time? Not so sure… unless you want to do a Day After session or a Trash The Dress. What remain through the years are your photos and videos. SO i think it’s important to keep this in mind.

Be on top for the engagement session and the wedding is to be ready to let your photographer be part of this one lifte time moment. You need to have confidence in your photographer me. That’s why pre-consultation meetings are so important to get to know each other. We can talk about your expectations, your fears and of course my approach and my vision of wedding photography. I can advise you also…

But first let’s start with the engagement session that is included in all my collections.


It is a love session. I will define it as a connecting capsule to get emotional images. Engagement sessions are great for getting to know each other before the big day and you’ll see you will feel more at ease with me during the wedding.


That’s my fav moment of your day! Enjoy calm before the storm. Close friends and bridesmaids are there, your mom. There is laughter, tears and hugs and a lot of beautiful moments to capture that you will be happy to review years after.


Groom preps are great too and as important as the bride’s…

Make sure to have bridal & groom preps nearly close and not at the same time. All these prep moments you’ll spend with your beloved ones are worth gold and I love documenting your wedding. Remember?


The first look is the most emotional moment of the day. Enjoy the very first look, make it last some few minutes as that needs to be documented.

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Advise your guests about abusive smartphone or personal camera use during the ceremony. Flash lights ruin the professional photographer photos by overexposing them and no editing software can do magic by the way. The only flash that should be on is your photographer’s.

Ask your guests to step out of your photographer’s way during the wedding ceremony so that he/she doesn’t miss any moments.

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Best thing to do is to ask for an unplugged ceremony if possible and when you turn back to your guests, you will see their faces, not a sea of iphones or ipads. Of course they are free to use them all the day long as long they don’t override your photographer.

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There will you and me, no more. This session is only focused on you and your emotions. You can choose the location to have this session done. Feel free to break standards, to go beyond the “déjà vu” in your location choice. Don’t be afraid to be creative. It’s your wedding. And your couple pictures have to be unique to.



Best way to have them done smoothly (especially for big weddings)  is to ask someone in advance to:

1 – Make groups

2 – Call the people for each group

3 – Time saving

4 – Delegate

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You can also set a photobooth with some funny accessories like hats, mustaches, big glassess. It’s fun. Your guests will love it for sure.


Of course, if you have any questions, feel free to ask me :)