Couple photoshoot in Parc de Sceaux

Ophélie et Martin
Ophélie et Martin
Balade en amoureux au Parc de Sceaux
Nos 30 ans, nos un an de Mariage.

Un moment formidable en compagnie d'une photographe qui a su capturer nos instants de complicité et d'amour sous un soleil radieu. L'on s'émerveille à chaque photo. Un grand merci pour ce très beau travail que tu as réalisé, nous sommes totalement conquis ! C'est magique !

Glam Fairy Photography, photographe couple et famille Paris


Ophelie messaged me on my Facebook page this winter. She wanted to make a couple photoshoot in Parc de Sceaux in June with Martin her husband to celebrate their 1st wedding anniversary and their 30th birthdays. We discussed a lot together prior to the session. She was looking for it deeply. We had to posponed the session several times and finally we agreed to have the session at the Parc de Sceaux end of July. That’s a place they love and they often have picnics with their friends there.

Ophelie and Martin are a lovely couple and this 2h photoshoot spent so so fast. I knew the Parc de Sceaux was great and huge, but I didn’t expect to be that big.

A few days after the session, Ophelie and Martin flew to their honeymoon for a 3 weeks road trip in Japan. I have to confess I would go with them… you should see their daily posts on Facebook during their trip…

Here are some pictures of our walk during this couple photoshoot in Parc de Sceaux under the bright and golden sun of a late summer day.


GLAM FAIRY PHOTOGRAPHY, Couple photoshoot in Parc de Sceaux

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