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Those who really know me know that I have a huge passion for the Conquest of the West country. America has always fascinated me.  This is America: natural spaces, eccentricity and foolishness, super-sized country, adorable people, movies, series and the American dream. Despite the crisis that we are experiencing for a few years now, America is still a dream land and many leave to achieve their American Dream. And they are right! It is the country where everything is possible for those who want to succeed.

Me, myself and I, a poor little French girl trapped in my Parisian grey routine is convinced being born on the wrong continent. Not worth trying to convince me with some “Paris is the most beautiful city in the world” No way!  Look at the American dollar bill! Smarter than out Euro bank notes! I’m not an an Eiffel tower or the avenue of the Champs Elysées lover and prefer the buildings of New York if we stay in an urban setting. I will never see the twin towers again. I am just remembering their shapes from the bus during my first trip to the USA. Too sad. I’ve never owned a french flag, but I have my American flag for almost 20 years now.

I often dream I am on a plane to New York but the alarm always wakes me up at the wrong time. Hard to get back into reality while your mind is on the other side of the Atlantic

This year… I need to go back to the US and many times more, I hope. I feel like a migratory bird as I am writing these crazy lines except it has wings. It would have been easier  if I could have wings. “I believe I can fly” say my friend Robert! So please do not think to much and move your booty to plan a nice 15 days summer break in California or Nevada. If you have a green card you don’t want, I’m all yours because they will have to force me to get in the plane back to France.

If you are near Los Angeles and Las Vegas, feel free to contact me to book your portrait session. I was always told that the light is magical out there…

America I’m coming to see you!



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