Fun lifestyle session with sisters

Julie, Mary, Laurine
Julie, Mary, Laurine

Thank you so much for your lovely pictures between sisters.

Glam Fairy Photography, Lifestyle photographer in Paris

dividerWhat a fun lifestyle session this was with these three beautiful sisters, Julie, Mary and Laurine. The idea came to me after a photo Julie had posted on Insta when they were puttering at Laurine’s new appartment! I messaged her on Facebook to tell her and she said YES. Date of the session has been confirmed then shortly afterwards. That Tuesday night in late September was a bloody hot day in Paris… and I can tell you that I was feeling very bad in the subway ! So I felt a little weak when I arrived at Laurine’s place. But we had to be fast because we had just an hour left before it gets dark.

The 3 sisters were awesome and crazy. They sang, danced or posed like if they ware starring in Saw movies.

I take my hat off to these girls for the restauration work they did by themselves after work!

It is not always necessary to wait for the major events  in your life (marriage, birth, birthday…) to book a session! Simple moments with friends and family are rich enough too and deserve a photo shoot for keeping your memories alive.


GLAM FAIRY PHOTOGRAPHY, Fun lifestyle session with sisters

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