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Memories of mysterious Brittany

Memories of mysterious Brittany take me back to March 2013. This was a one week trip in the Morbihan region for a music video footage directed by JamProduction International. We have shot in the pretty Kervoyelles bookshop and a in the elementary school of Damgan. Born and grown up in Nantes, I must confess that I haven’t been very often to Brittany although it is close.

We drove to different places around Damgan and found pretty and small typical villages that looked from a fairy tale : narrow streets, stone houses, crosses on calvaries, welcoming and warm pancake houses.

It feels like mystery at every street corner. Every stone tells a story ; sources and fountains seem haunted by the goblins. Would Celtic legends be that real?

Less active in winter, a Celtic legend says that when spring comes, they call the mortals at night to dance with the goblins around a campfire. This ritual increase some of their powers. If the invited mortal joins their dancing, he is framed and be killed or sent in an underground cavern. The goblins are born and die in the ground. Source:

Brittany is land of sunken lanes, heaths and bogs where scary ghosts resurrect on the nights of the full moon from the Baie des Trepassés and the City of Ys bell tower still rings… “Source:”

GLAM FAIRY PHOTOGRAPHY, Memories of mysterious Brittany





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